1. Permitting

We will submit a permit to your HOA and or The City in which you live, after approval construction can begin!

2. Layout & Excavation

Using Stakes and spray paint we will layout the design based on you plan. Once we have Customer Approval. The excavators will use this as a guide to dig and your pool will begin to take shape.

3. Steel & Plumbing

Your Custom Pool will be contoured with rigged grid steel, plumbed with scheduled 40 PVC pipe from structure to equipment location.

4. Gunite

Gunite is a mixture of sand, Cement, water, and Fibermix additive for extra strength This Advanced Formula is shot from a hose onto the steel grid by an experienced gunite crew to provide a tough, durable pool shell.

5. Electrical

A Licensed, professional electrical contractor will carefully make all of the electrical connections in your pool using National Electrical Code approved conduit, wire, and bonding.

6. Tile, Coping, & Decking

With Hundreds of Glass, Mosaic, and Ceramic Tile, along with Natural Travertine, & Flagstone coping to choose from your backyard dram starts to become a Reality. The finishing touch of Flagstone, Belgard, or Natural Travertine Pavers completes the look.

7. Water Features

Should you decided to include one of our many available water features, such as Rock water falls, Weeping walls, Sheer decent, or Fire bowls. The Features are completed at the same time as tile and coping.

8. Interior Surfacing

After passing inspection a surface of your choice is applied to create a seamless finish.

9. Start Up

Once we have filled your pool all equipment is labeled. The process of balancing your pools chemistry begins, making certain everything is in proper working order.

10. Pool School & JUMP IN!!!

You & your family meet with a professional who will provide one on one training to familiarize you with the operation of your new custom pool now you’re ready…. JUMP IN!